Pickem Sportsbook
Founder: Colin Fry
Thank you for your time and consideration.

I recognize the apprehension many developers feel towards non-technical founders, often concerned about bearing the brunt of design, development, and marketing for a mere concept. I've made concerted efforts to go beyond this stereotype.

Over the past few months, I've immersed myself in Figma, designing the blueprint of our MVP to ensure that I bring more than just an idea to the table. Your constructive feedback on the prototype, which I've linked below, would be greatly appreciated.

Introducing Pickem Sportsbook:
An online sports betting platform that does more than just facilitate bets—it integrates the thrill of social interactions, allowing users to track their friends' picks and celebrate shared victories.

The essence of sports betting isn't just about the wagers—it's the camaraderie, the shared anticipation, and the collective joy of celebrating a win. However, keeping track of various bets becomes a challenge.

Surprisingly, existing sportsbooks haven’t tapped into this aspect. That's where Pickem Sportsbook comes in—bridging the gap between betting and social interaction.

A major challenge for sportsbooks is profitability, with vast amounts spent on advertising and lacking a distinctive edge. By infusing a social dimension into our platform, we create a unique selling proposition, reducing our advertising expenses and carving a niche.

I'm enthusiastic about sharing more insights on this venture. If the synergy of sports, social connection, and tech appeals to you, and you're keen on embarking on this journey as a co-founder, please reach out.